What’s the hardest parenting decision you’ll make? Choosing your baby’s name, for sure! Check out our top 10 tips on choosing a name for your baby boy right here.


One of, if not, the hardest decisions you’ll ever make as a parent is choosing a name for your baby. There are so many possible options! 

What do you like? What does your partner like? What will your friends and family think of your name choice? Does it have a good ring to it? Why are boy names more difficult to find than girl names?

The questions you ask yourself are endless! 

Don’t stress. We’re on hand to help you. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 tips on choosing a name for your baby boy. We’ve included all the things you need to consider before you put pen to paper, and before his birth certificate confirms your name choice forever. 

1. Check Out Your Family Tree

Have a look through the generations of names that men in the family had. What are all the different names for boys you can find? You may be inspired by a name that you hadn’t thought about before, or you may find that there is something common that they shared. 

Choosing a name that has significance among the family makes it even more special, and will bring the family closer together as they share memories that are associated with those with that name. 

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2. Be Mindful of Your Culture

A great way to honour your background and your heritage is to choose a name that is associated with your culture. If you’re in a cross culture relationship, it’s a great way for you and your partner to learn more about each other’s backgrounds. 

All cultures have names that are typically associated with them, and choosing one of these names for your little boy will embed such attributes into him too.

3. Avoid the Latest Trends

As each year comes and goes, so do the latest trends. From fashion choices to unique baby boy names, there’s always something that’s highly trending among society. 

You may like the name Archie, but do you want your son to go to school with a hundred other little boys with the same name? Archie is set to become the most popular boy’s name by 2025 thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s famous baby boy. 

While some trends hold the test of time, some do not. Think about whether you see your little boy’s name fitting into society in 20 to 30 year’s time. Will your son appreciate the name you chose for him while he’s taking on the big wide world in his prime? 

4. Don’t Immediately Reject the Classics

Not all classic names are boring, so don’t reject them straight away without consideration. 

Okay so John, Peter and Paul may be a bit boring, but think outside the box! Search for vintage names on the internet and you’ll be faced with hundreds of unique classics such as Finn, Bennett and Cassian. 

5. Check Out Names With Meaning Behind the Name

Names have all sorts of meanings behind them, and not all of them are good. While some names have strong and powerful meanings such as Harry meaning the army ruler and Liam meaning the strong-willed warrior, there are some which may make you think twice before naming your son after them. 

Oscar, for example, which means deer lover. Not too bad, you’re thinking. Check out Cameron, which defines one as having a bent nose. There’s also Calvin, which means bald. 

While some names with meaning may seem funny, consider if your son travels to other countries where his name translates as something obscure. He may not be entirely grateful for being called Nick and then travelling to an Arabic-speaking country where he finds out that his name translates as the F-word! 

6. Consider Middle Names

If you and your partner can’t decide on a name, consider using one of them as a middle name. Maybe family traditions would have the first son always called James, but if you’re really against this you could use it as a middle name instead to honour family traditions but still use the name you want. Jacob James has a good ring to it!

Some people even double barrel middle names, so the child has two first names in effect. The options are endless! 

7. Initials Are Just as Important 

Often not even thought about but seriously important is recognising what your son’s initials will be. You may find the perfect name for your son, but then find that his initials spell out something not-so-perfect. 

You may be set on the name William for your little boy, but if your family name is Clarke, would you be happy with his initials being W.C.? 

Your son will regularly write down his initials as a way of identifying himself and his belongings, so take care about what these initials spell out. 

8. Think of All the Possible Nicknames

Kids can be cruel, and going to school with a name that opens the door to potentially nasty nicknames is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Brainstorm nicknames with your partner and close friends, including the bad as well as the good. (Also consider what words rhyme with the name too!).

9. Say the Name Out Loud

The name you’ve chosen may look good on paper, but what about when you say it out loud? Does the name have a natural flow, or is it a bit of a mouthful? 

Think about the amount of syllables his full name will have, and whether it’ll be easy for him to introduce himself formally at interviews and events when he is older.

10. Stop Stressing

Yes, there’s a lot of pressure around choosing a name for your little boy, but don’t let it stress you out too much. Discussing different options shouldn’t lead to arguments between you and your partner.

Sometimes people are so set on a particular name, but once their baby is born they pick something entirely different based on the way they look. You may have chosen to name your son Jack, but now he’s physically here he doesn’t actually look like a Jack!