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Who are we?

Polly Hyson & Mira Arnold

As two friends and mutual baby boy mamas, we wanted to start our very own baby boy club to help all of you parents out there.

We know parenting can be hard, and that’s why we wanted to put together a comprehensive place where you can come and talk to other mothers and fathers, share your experiences, read important and interesting information, find the best products for your needs and much more.

We are Mira and Polly, proud mothers to our baby boys Luan and Jude. Unfortunately for them, they’ll always be babies in our eyes. After travelling the world and working digitally, we both settled in a small down in Egypt’s South Sinai peninsular, Dahab. We had our baby boys a year apart, and through so many ups and downs we leaned the importance of mama friends and support, who know what you’re going through and can give helpful advice. We want to offer that to all of you mamas out there!

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Baby Boy

Share Your Funny Stories With Your Boy!

Being in a community and laughing together is so important!

Parenthood is not always sunny and full of rainbows, there are moments when the clouds come and leave you feeling helpless. But in the end it’s all so entertaining…please share with us your funny stories, pictures and videos. Each month we’ll choose a winner who’ll receive a voucher to spend in our shop.

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