You want your boy to grow up into a fine young man, but the most important years are the youngest ones. Check out how to be the mother your baby boy needs right here.


Having a baby is life changing and it’s absolutely okay to feel overwhelmed by it all. In fact, I think it’s a right of passage. You’ve gone from doing everything as and when is convenient to you, to revolving every choice and decision you make around your baby boy. 

From cuddles to kisses, there’s a whole list of important ways that you can bond with your little boy and build an indestructible mummy and son relationship. Check out our tips on how to be the mother your baby boy needs.

The Importance of Bonding 

Mothering a baby boy can seem altogether challenging. You’ve got a whole new gender to learn about for starters! But before you worry about the things that come a little later on, concentrate on the importance of bonding with your baby. 

Mother and baby bonding can sometimes be challenging, which is why we’ve put together a list of how to bond with your newborn baby as well as a few other handy tips. 

Build a strong, loving relationship with your baby boy first, and everything else will fall into place.

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Consider Breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding isn’t just about the way your baby boy gets his nutrients. When he snuggles up to your chest, he smells your unique scent and hears your loving heart beat. 

He feels reassured and comforted, knowing that mummy is his safe haven.  

Maintain Eye Contact

When he’s feeding or being comforted in your arms, look into his eyes. He’ll remember features on your face, and he’ll know that you’re the one who makes everything better when he feels distressed. 

Babies take a lot more in than we give them credit for, and he’ll remember all the times you were there for him in times of need. 

Give Him a Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? Baby massages have tonnes of health benefits, such as promoting sleep (yes please!), relieving symptoms of colic, improving motor skills and enhancing the immune system. Plus it’s a great way for you to bond with your little boy.

You’ll love seeing his little face light up and hearing his cooing as he relaxes from the magic touch of your fingers.

Play in Front of the Mirror

Babies love looking at faces, and while he doesn’t understand the concept of reflections just yet, he’ll still be excited at seeing those happy smiling faces in the mirror.

The more he giggles, the more his reflection makes him laugh and the endless cycle is beautiful to watch. As they grow they’ll begin to pull faces in the mirror and practice facial expressions.

Skin-on-Skin Contact

He lived inside you for nine long months, and he’ll still crave the closeness and comfort of his mother’s touch.

Kangaroo care is a great activity to promote skin-on-skin contact and has great health benefits such as regulating his heart rate and his breathing and boosting development. Try to have some skin-on-skin time with your baby boy for an hour a day.

Put Your Phone Down 

We’re a generation of people who are so obsessed with our mobile phones, that we sometimes forget that the most important things are right in front of us!

Who cares what your cousin’s neighbour is having for lunch? You’ve got a beautiful little boy who needs you. He won’t stay small for long, so treasure it while you can and come back to your phone once he’s down for the night.

Nap When He Naps

Don’t feel guilty about feeling constantly tired. There’s nothing wrong with you, and it’s completely normal. Being a mama is sometimes downright exhausting.

Take advantage of his nap times, and lay down when he does. You’ll be a better mother if you’re well-rested, which will benefit your little boy. 

Let Him Sleep in Your Arms

It can be fun unleashing your inner ninja as you twist your body into all different positions to ensure he doesn’t wake as you put him down. And yes, there’s a million things you need to get done. 

But try to cherish those moments when you can, because they don’t last long enough and he won’t stay that small forever. Soon he’ll be pushing you away when you reach out to snuggle him.

Keep a Diary 

Writing things down is a good way to get thoughts and feelings out of your head and on paper where you can see them laid out bare. Comparing things from date to date will help you to see what works well and what doesn’t for all your never-ending mummy tasks. 

Keep a log of special memories so you can remember them back over and over again. 

It’ll also be fun to pull out in 18 years time and show him what he put mummy through all those years ago.

Breathe Through the Tantrums

All babies cry and most toddlers have tantrums. The worst thing you can do is get stressed, as when you’re tense and frustrated your little one will sense it and cry even more.

Take a deep breath and count to 10. This will pass.

Compare Baby Photos

Does he have your nose or your husband’s eyes? Whip out old baby photos and compare them. The resemblances you find will make you feel even closer to him, and he’ll love looking at the pictures.

Be Silly

Parenting shouldn’t always be so serious. Stick your tongue out, pull your ears and make funny noises. Have fun with your baby boy and make him giggle. 

There’s no better feeling in the world than having a laugh with your little one.

Think Less of the Mess

The mess will still be there later, so don’t stress about it. Concentrate on building special memories with your baby boy and creating a special bond that will last a lifetime. 

Talk to Him

Your voice is comforting to him and he loves to hear it. Read stories, sing songs and talk to him about your day. 

The more he hears, the quicker he’ll pick up sounds and start mimicking what you say. He’ll learn to put together his own words in no time, and will hopefully learn to say that heartwarming “mama” sound soon enough!

Kisses and Cuddles Are Everything

Show him you love him by smothering him with lots of affection. If he grows up knowing that it’s okay to display emotion, he’ll find it easier to do so in his adult life. So what if he’s a mummy’s boy? 

Teach Him Right from Wrong

Values start at home, and your baby boy needs to know what’s right and what’s wrong in a world that is growing increasingly challenging. 

Teach him good manners, kindness and compassion. If he grows up in an environment with good morals, he’ll use them to spread the love as he grows up. 

Empower Him

Let him believe that his dreams can be accomplished, and that you’ll always be standing beside him supporting him. If he feels empowered, he’ll go onto achieving big things later in life. 

Your son will always remember that his mum is his number one fan, egging him on all the way. Your relationship will be unbreakable.