Your son needs you to be a good father figuresomeone he can look up to and who will teach him about the world. We’ve got tips on how to be the best father to your son right here.


Little boys need their daddy just as much as they need their mummy. As a father, you play a vital role in who your son grows up to become. He’ll look up to you as an inspiration and turn to you for guidance, so it’s important that you lead by example. 

You want the best for your baby boy, and you want him to grow into a fine young man. We’ve put together a list of what you should consider when raising him, and how to be the best father to your son.

There are many different types of father son relationships, all not positive. Ensure yours is one that your son can rely on.

Play Good Cop and Bad Cop

If you’re the one who always says no, your baby boy will always approach mum, and your relationship will start deteriorating. But don’t be the one who lets him get away with everything just because he’s your “little man”. The key is balance between the two. 

Let your little boy see that there is reasoning behind what you say, and that your response to his behaviours and actions reflects this. This is the perfect example of how to be a good dad to a toddler, especially. 

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Tell the Truth

If you lie, your baby boy will grow up thinking that lying is okay. Teach your son the importance of telling the truth, regardless of what the consequences may be. Honesty is what a son needs from his dad.

If he breaks something or spills his drink and tells the truth about what happened, reward him for his honesty. 

Be Mindful of Your Language 

Don’t introduce swear words and inappropriate language as being a norm in your son’s vocabulary. Be mindful of what you say around him because he really does listen to everything you say and he’ll repeat words that he hears. 

Be Good to Women

Don’t belittle women in front of your son or show him that it’s acceptable to speak differently to them compared to how you speak to men. There’s a difference between thinking a woman is good-looking and shouting at her to give you a twirl from across the street. 

Show your son that men and women are equal, and you should speak to them both with the same level of respect. You want your baby boy to grow up to be a gentleman, not one of those guys who’s always on the receiving end of a disgusted eye-roll from the ladies.

Show Your Emotions

If something upsets you, don’t hide your emotions from your son. Big boys do cry. Teach your son that it’s okay to be upset sometimes and that boys don’t have to hide their emotions from the world.

We still live in a world where men suffer in silence, because society leads them to believe that it’s not appropriate for them to show their emotions. Did you know that men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women? 

Break the chain and allow your son to feel able to display his emotions and support him to manage them. 

Play With Him

The best way to bond with your little boy is by doing things together that are fun. Spend quality time with him either playing with toys at home or heading out together to play at the park. 

Making memories together is perfect for building strong relationships, so ensure he’s got a lifetime of them that he can look back on. 

Help Out Around the House

Show him that household chores aren’t just for mum, and that you’re a team so you have to help out too. Get your son helping out from an early age so he becomes used to tidying up after himself.

You all live in the same house, and are all responsible for keeping it tidy. Help him to put away his toys when he’s finished playing with them and to put his plate into the sink once he’s finished eating. As he gets older, he’ll be able to engage in bigger tasks such as mopping the floor and washing the dishes. 

Teach Personal Hygiene 

This one is a great example as to why a son needs a dad.

Your baby boy needs to understand the importance of keeping himself clean and how to do this. You have the same bits as your little boy, which makes you the perfect person to show him how to clean himself. 

Get ready together and let him put deodorant under his arms like you do. He might not need it so young, but it gets him used to taking pride in his personal hygiene and makes him feel good that he’s just like daddy. 

Enjoy Time With the Boys Together 

When you hang out with the boys, take your son with you. Let him see the importance of friendship and allow him to start building relationships with your friends as this will help him at school to develop friendships with others. 

Bonding with friends helps with improving father son relationships, as you build common ground and enjoy fun activities together. 

Talk Education and Career Prospects

Make sure your son understands how important it is to get a good education, so that he can go on to be whatever he wants to be when he grows up. Boys are more likely to fall behind at school than girls, which is why your guidance and support is so important. 

Help out with homework and take an interest in how your son is doing at school. Go to parents evenings and discuss your son’s progress with him. Explain to him that the world is competitive, so he needs to do well at school if he’s going to land himself a good job in the future.

Be firm with him, but also be empathetic. Surely you remember the challenges you faced at school. Offer a helping hand and support him to be the best that he can be. This is an important reason as to why a son needs a dad.

Be Present

The most important thing you can do as a father for your son is to be present and be there for him. You may work long hours or spend a lot of time out of the house, but that should just make the time you spend with him even more special.

He needs you to teach him about the world, to offer guidance and be stood by his side through it all. The bond between a father and son is unique, and it is one that you should work on right from the beginning so you can treasure it forever. Being present in his life and being available to him is how to be the best father to your son.