There’s definitely differences in raising boys compared to raising girls. Take a look at our top 20 tips to help you raise your little boy.


When it comes to parenting, raising boys is definitely a greater challenge than raising girls!

Us mothers have spent our whole lives being girls, so we’re pretty sure we know what to do when it comes to raising them. But parenting boys! Where do we start?

I can promise you that in addition to the many hair pulling moments you’ll have, there will be plenty of happy tears and good old fun to be had along the way!

We’ve compiled a list of 20 tips to hopefully offer you some guidance on what to expect, to get you feeling prepared, and to bring a smile to your face as well.

1. Durability Is Your Best Friend

Boys really are little monsters when it comes to breaking things. Whether it’s toys, furniture or clothing, make sure you look out for that durable label to ensure you can get a bit of use out of it before it’s crushed, snapped or broken!

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy
13+7 Tips for raising your boy

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2. Train Him to Pee While Sitting Down

I’m pretty sure it was a man who thought it was a great idea to teach little boys how to pee while standing.

Yes, standing is a possibility — but wait until they know how to aim and the importance of keeping the pee inside the toilet bowl before you introduce this to them. Once they know they can, they become a walking hose pipe! It’s not the phantom gardener who keeps watering the house plants!

3. Teach Him the Importance of Toilet Hygiene

Make sure you plant this one into their heads from an early age, so they learn that toilet time is not a competition on who can leave the most pee on the toilet seat or who can leave the biggest skid mark of poop along the bowl.

Being a gentleman means putting the lid back down!

Honestly, his future wife sure will thank you for this one.

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

4. Make a Competition out of Doing Chores

When you have a little boy, everything is a competition, so be sure to use this to your advantage!

Whether it’s being the first to finish dinner, get into pyjamas or pick up all the Lego — racing around being the quickest to complete tasks is a top priority in the minds of boys and they love coming out on top. So use this to help get things done around the house.

5. Buy Lots of Clothes. Lots and Lots of Clothes

I don’t know why, but boys have a way of ruining clothes quicker than you can keep up with buying them. If it’s not a suspicious stain that won’t budge then it’s a classic hole in the knee!

Don’t fork out a fortune on expensive clothes, because they’re going to be ruined at the exact same time. Stock up on trousers, tops and underwear, and then stock up some more.

6. Buy Socks of the Same Color and Design

It sounds crazy, but socks are another thing that you’ll go through plenty of. I’m pretty sure my washing machine eats one or two every cycle. If you buy different patterned socks, you’re going to end up with a large pile of odd socks that can’t be worn together. 

The trick is to buy more of the same, so when one sock gets lost it can be paired up with the other one that’s also missing its pairing partner!

20 Tips for Raising Your Boy

7. Empty a Cupboard and Fill It With Snacks

Boys are forever snacking, regardless whether or not they’ve just indulged in an adult-sized plate of food.

Keep a selection of healthy snacks hidden away that you can whip out and feed your forever growing boy.

8. Always Keep a Stash of Toothbrushes as a Back-Up

Along with making up a tonne of excuses as to why they can’t brush their teeth, boys are good at making toothbrushes magically disappear.

Keep a stash hidden away so that you can be the magician and make a new toothbrush reappear and keep on top of him maintaining good oral hygiene.

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

9. Bulk Buy Batteries

Everything he loves and wants requires batteries. Why? Because he loves things that move, that make a noise and that give you a headache! 

If his favourite toy runs out of battery and you haven’t got any to rapidly replace them, you’re in for a meltdown bigger than World War 3. So do yourself a favour and keep enough stashed away for when you need them. 

Even better, invest in several sets of rechargeable batteries and keep some always fully charged and at the ready.

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

10. Show Him How to Stay Clean

So many boys think that a simple splash of water is all that is required to maintain good personal hygiene.

Show your boy how to use soaps, and which parts of their body they need to focus on cleaning. As they get older, you could even introduce them to deodorants and perfumes so they develop pride in smelling good.

11. Don’t Assume That Putting Things up High Will Keep Them out of Reach

You think you’re being clever in keeping things placed above their height level, but really you’re just activating their challenger game mode.

Boys will climb up and along anything and everything. Even if surfaces aren’t attached, they will fearlessly jump to get from one place to another!

12. Invest in a First Aid Kit

Don’t be surprised if you’re giving out plasters on a daily basis for yet another scratch on your little boy.

They’ll even pick scabs to make an old cut bleed again — because that’s really cool, right?

13. Let Him Know “Boy Stuff” Is Not All He’s Allowed to Play With

If he wants to play with a doll, let him. Don’t force him to play with stereotypical boy toys just because he’s a boy. Allow him to explore and learn through all toys and games.

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

14. Allow Him to Express His Emotions

Just because he’s a boy doesn’t mean he has to be tough “man up” and suppress how he feels.

Big boys do cry, and it will help him in adult life if he feels he is able to express his emotions freely.

15. Always Check the Pockets Before Putting Clothes Into the Washing Machine

Pockets are such a fascination for boys, and they will fill them with anything. The things you’ll pull out from pockets will definitely amaze you, and your washing machine will certainly thank you for it too.

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

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16. Learn How to Cut His Hair

Boys’ hair seems to grow at ten times the speed of girls! 

Don’t spend a small fortune going to the salon every other week, but instead buy a pair of clippers for at home and do it yourself. 

17. Don’t Expect Shoes to Last Long

If he’s not constantly kicking things, he’s dragging his feet along the pavement. The result: you will go through a lot of pairs of shoes. 

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy
20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

18. Accept That Your Home Isn’t Going to Be a Show Home Any Time Soon

You may have used to love scatter cushions, vases and ornaments, but that was before you had a boy running around the house.

Opt for the minimalist approach, that way there’s less to tidy up and stress about after he’s finished making a den out of every piece of furniture in the living room.

19. Carry a List of Clothing and Shoe Sizes

You never know when you’re going to come across a sale to stock up on all those trousers, socks and shoes, so be sure you know what sizes you need so you can get filling that shopping basket!

20. Take as Many Hugs as You Can Get

Boys 100% give the best hugs. When they’re not being grumpy bums, boys love affection and they do crave physical touch. Whenever there’s a free hug going, take it!

20 Tips For Raising Your Boy

Raising Your Son

A lot of how to raise a boy comes down to trial and error, and you will learn what works well and what not so well.

The biggest tip we will give is to ensure that you give your son lots of love, support and encouragement and make sure that you ground him with good values and morals. That way, he will be a well-rounded boy and will develop into a lovely young man.